ZDWO steel and cast iron foundry


Odlewnia żeliwa The Casting Experimental Plant was founded in 1955 (based on an initiative of prof. Gabriel Kniazin – who was a director of the Department of Casting in Silesian Technical University). Specifically – the activity of president of this University – Prof.dr Wladyslaw Kuczewski made it possible to collect enough funds to start small, but for these time very modern casting plant (induction furnances, arc furnances, vacuum furnances and automatic station of sand processing with pneumatic transportation).

Accordingly to historic organisation charts – Casting Department of the Technical University started close cooperation with the new Plant. Such organisational solution gave the opportunity of industrial practice for scientific and teaching staff. Staff members could collect necessary management and technological experience - creating good basis for the future scientific activity. The main strategy of the Casting Department and Plant activity was close cooperation with industry.

The activity of the Casting Plant and the Experimental Production Team was always combined with the industrial needs. Different technologies are developed and casts are formed for various industrial branches (power industry, coal mining, steel and construction industry, machinery and chemical industry, agriculture etc.) The cooperation includes basic researches concerning casting. Newly developed solutions are then tested in the Institute of Casting, and the products are tested in normal industrial conditions. After getting positive final results - the new technologies are transfered to the industrial casting houses.

In the range of casting wear resistant elements the cooperation was developed with following steel plants and casting houses: Steel Plants MALAPANEW, ZYGMUNT, ZABRZE, BANKOWA, LABEDY, Casting House KAMIENNA, and KUM BUMAR.


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