ZDWO steel and cast iron foundry

Cast iron and cast steel alloys resistant to wear and operating at elevated temperatures.

Odlewnia żeliwa Our Experimental Plant offers a service for selecting materials and technologies for casting wear resistant elements for machinery and devices which are exposed to strong abrasion i.e:
  • Diffusers
  • T-pipes
  • Mill linings
  • Sludge pumps elements
  • Nozzles
  • Dust pipes
  • Chutes
  • Powdered fuel burners
The frequent replacement of fast consumption elements is one of the major problems for Power Plants, Heating Stations and Cement Plants. The special construction of such elements – assuring most efficient usage of the material – can be a remedy for this.

Our plant is an expert of wear resistant material technologies (specially different kinds of cast iron and steel) for many years – with the close cooperation of the Casting Department of Silesian Technical University. We have real expertise in the process of implementation of such materials in the power industry, coal minning and other industrial branches.

The use of wear resistant materials leads to real cost saving. In some cases it is possible to extend the life-time of elements up to 10 times.

We can assure the complex service of choosing materials, development of casting technology, preparing of the right original model moulds, and production of the elements made of alloy cast iron.



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